Our Investments

Since the formation of De Drie Mollen Holding Company in 2012, we have diversified our commodity investment portfolio by expanding into different categories in the consumer goods and services sector. 

Through our global investment platform, we have controlling and anchoring stakes in businesses that operate in multiple segments. Each business has established its own robust business model and strategy by leveraging industry-leading brands and a tailored products and services portfolio. These brands are distributed through a variety of channels in different geographies, and as a result address the needs of a broad consumer base.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish an international, family-based and independent food group with a long-term vision. Our development is based on a strategy of product differentiation and innovation, high quality products and strong and unique brands. The world over, we aim to meet the expectations of our consumers and support gastronomy professionals.

Our portfolio companies are managed by their respective CEOs and leadership teams which have also invested their personal wealth into their businesses, resulting in strong alignment of interests with those of De Drie Mollen. Each of our portfolio companies, private and public, has a Board of Directors, an Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee, with Independent Directors and De Drie Mollen representatives.

Quality production with harmony is our goal. We maintain a balance of nutrients in the soil using enzymatic microorganisms, without pesticides, without herbicides, among others. Our farms are micro managed in batches for traceability and quality control. The plantations are separated by forests that serve as natural barriers against pests and also protect the natural flora and fauna of the region.

Stijn Koster

Loan funded share purchase agreements

The Group offers its management the opportunity to participate in share purchase plans funded by limited-recourse loans. Those agreements are classified as a share purchase under IFRS 9 and the outstanding loan is recognized as a financial asset if the investor carries all reasonable losses from the agreement. Otherwise, the agreements are classified as equity-settled option-plans under IFRS 2 and the loan is not recognized as a financial asset. The classification is made on a case-by-case basis.

A Selection of Key Brands:

Valrhona Selection and Savencia Gourmet offer a range of sweet gastronomy products and services committed to building the responsible gastronomy of tomorrow.

For our family, coffee production is not just a business. It’s a passion, which has spanned multiple generations.

Stijn Koster

The story
De Drie Mollen’s story began in 1818 with passion, commitment and excellence as its guiding lights. Ever since, these three values have paved our way, allowing us to push back the boundaries of creativity and flavor. Alongside our partners and customers, we imagine the best of coffee and chocolate every day. We do this in the way we select and cultivate coffee and cocoa, preserving the diversity of different terroirs and prioritizing sustainable links with our partner plantations. We do this when we make our chocolate and expand the aromatic palette, supplying all artisans with unique materials that let them express their creativity and unleash their talent. We do this by passing on flavor and savoir-faire, putting our expertise at the service of artisans and the gastronomy world. By partnering with a wide range of coffee and chocolate lovers and professionals, we can continue to bring out the best in our material, expressing and developing its infinite multitude of flavors.
Private label

Smarter, tailor-made and more sustainable coffee choices. Chocolate magic, irresistible, made with 100% sustainably purchased cocoa.


We roast specialty coffee for the best independent businesses in the world. And for your kitchen too.

We believe that the environment is our greatest responsibility. In light of this, we’re committed to protecting and preserving it to the best of our ability. We’ve reduced our use of herbicides and selected specific coffee varieties, that are naturally suited to the area. This reduces the amount of agrochemicals needed for the control of pests. We’ve planted 1,200 native trees that serve as shade, windbreaks, fences, and protection for our water resources. This has lead to an increase in the amount of wildlife on the farm, including toucans and mammals such as the sloth.

Stijn Koster

A rich history

Our rich history of roasting coffee has resulted in unprecedented expertise and agility, allowing us to answer your every demand. We are one of the world’s leading coffee roasters, serving major private labels and roasting companies in Europe and beyond.

We are here to take your private label coffee further. Our continuous drive for packaging innovation, our wide range of sustainable options and our unlimited offer of bespoke blend creations makes us a one-stop-shop for your private label coffee products.

We invite you to discover our Fancy Labels and find a coffee solution that fits your needs. Every one of our coffee brands is unique and has its own heritage, being actively sold in outlets in Europe and beyond. Each can be flexibly incorporated into your business as a fast and accessible plug into your coffee category. You can find all possible packaging types in our product assortment. Like always, we work as cost-efficient and sustainable as possible. No matter the brand, we deliver results meeting the highest quality standards.

Some of our customers:
800 solar panels produce energy for our farms, and all the excess raw material from our processing is reused as fuel or fertilizer. The seeds of our forests are planted in our nursery for reforestation and protection of our water resources. The water from our spring is used for our wet process. We are 100% committed to improving and protecting our environment.

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