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De Drie Mollen

In 2012, Drie Mollen UK Limited, former a dormant company, was re-activated as an evergreen family investment platform in commodities. De Drie Mollen Holding Company was formed as a partner-led investment firm, with capital placed under the holding company.

About De Drie Mollen

The high-quality coffee and chocolate we all love is getting harder and harder to grow. Especially for the small farmers that make up the majority of the world’s producers. They’re dealing with rising production costs, weather change and diseases like coffee rust and black pot that can devastate an entire crop and causing significant pod losses of up to 30% and killing up to 10% of the trees annually.

To better understand these challenges, and how to help these farmers, we put itself in their shoes. In 2013, De Drie Mollen Holding bought its first coffee farm and cocoa plantations in Antioquia and  Valle del Cauca, Colombia and subsequently farms in Dominica. We have a deep sense of fairness that extends to our farmers, our customers and future generations.  

Our Heritage

The history of De Drie Mollen dates back to 1818, when predecessors of the involved families,  Mr. Sweens and his family, established De Drije Swarte Mollen, a coffee and tea manufacturing company based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (den Bosch) in the south of the Netherlands. By the late 1900s, Drie Mollen had begun its development into an international coffee roasting business.

By the 1990s, five leading tea and coffee companies had joined the original founding Sweens family and the business continued to grow and develop.

The love of coffee is in our blood. We are acting intentionally to ensure every cup contributes to a better future. From farmers to consumers, we are championing an inclusive and regenerative ecosystem fuelled by our love for coffee and tea.

Bo van der Putten

Our Team
Managing Partner, Chairman
Stijn Koster
Managing Partner, CEO
Bo van der Putten
Managing partner, Vice Chairman
Jan Niessen
Responsible sourcing means our raw materials, packaging, equipment, or anything we procure, are produced following principles that address their possible social and environmental impact.Sustainability is an evolving journey and we will continue to ensure we’re always working to improve our impact on people and planet.

Bo van der Putten

Our Investments

Since the formation of De Drie Mollen Holding Company in 2012, we have diversified our commodity investment portfolio by expanding into different categories in the consumer goods and services sector. 

Through our global investment platform, we have controlling and anchoring stakes in businesses that operate in multiple segments. Each business has established its own robust business model and strategy by leveraging industry-leading brands and a tailored products and services portfolio. These brands are distributed through a variety of channels in different geographies, and as a result address the needs of a broad consumer base.

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De Drie Mollen is committed to delivering superior long-term shareholder returns, which are fundamentally dependent on a healthy planet and society.

Small Lots, Big Flavour. After researching the best cultivation methods, we settled on a unique approach that produces the best flavour. The secret is the collection of small lots in which we cultivate our beans. Each lot has its own, unique qualities and by carefully mixing and blending these together, we’re able to create a taste that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Bo van der Putten